Commercial Fridge & Freezer Door Seals

At All Fridge Seal we are one of the largest and oldest fridge and cool rooms seals creators in Australia. we give life time guarantees for domestic fridge and freezer door seals.



20 Years


Why Us?

Your fridge is one of the most energy consuming appliances in your home and workplace. If your fridge has faulty door seals, the motor will be forced to run a lot more, meaning much higher electricity bills and extra damage to your fridge’s motor. However, you can extend the life of your fridge and save energy and money, simply by replacing your fridge door seal.

How To Order

Simply send in your fridge’s details online and we’ll send the right fridge seal for your requirements. We also provide all the information you need so you can easily fit your new door seals. If you have any trouble fitting your door seals, simply contact us and we’ll provide you with more advice and tips. We have been installing fridge door seals for over two decades now, so you know you can rely on our years of knowledge.

When & Where You Need Us!

All Fridge Seal can supply and fit fridge door seals all over Sydney. For your convenience, we can book appointments outside business hours and if necessary on Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays. We will gladly visit your house to measure the fridge door seal and provide a quote.

Quality Assured

Most of our door seals are made in our workshop and are produced to a high standard of quality. The door seals are created using high quality hygienic PVC material with fungicidal material composition to ensure that they are of food grade quality.

High Standards

All Fridge Seal are made in our workshop so we can use all Australian product All Fridge seal we use only the highest quality food grade PVC that meets Australian Standards AS2070. The door seals are made from high quality hygienic pvc material with fungicidal material composition to ensure that they are of food grade quality.

We Provider

Drinks fridges, Cake displays
Under bench fridges
Upright and chest freezers
Coolrooms, Freezer rooms
Bar fridges, Ice makers

There is no need to empty out your entire fridge or switch it off to get your door seal replaced. In some cases, we can finish resealing a fridge in as little as 20 minutes.

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